Educational Kali Linux Pentest SQL Injection

SQL Injection LAB Part #1

In this SQL injection lab video I show you how to setup your own SQL injection lab for practicing SQL Injections. SQL Injections are easy to exploit as you need nothing more than a web browser to carry out a SQL attack.

SQL injections usually take place during user input, like entering a username. Instead of a username the user enters a SQL statement that will unknowingly run on the database. Follow this video to setup your SQL injection lab on Kali Linux and practice your SQL injection skills.

A prosperous SQL injection attack can read sensitive data from the database, modify database data (insert/update/efface), execute administration operations on the database (such as shutdown the DBMS), recuperate the content of a given file on the DBMS file system or write files into the file system, and, in some cases, issue commands to the operating system.

In this video I’ll show you have to download WordPress on to your Kali Linux system and extract WP to your Apache2 web directory. Next, we install WordPress via the installation tool followed by setting up our MYSQL database. To properly install WP we must add a new user to the MYSQL server with a password. After we add the new MYSQL user when then create a new database for WP and add user permission to said database.

Once this is complete we then enter the needed database information into the WP installation and complete the WP install. Once WP is installed we then download the SQL Injection infected WP plugins and install them into our WP installation. At this point your SQL Injection Lab is setup and you can began practicing on your SQL Injection Lab.

sql injection lab

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